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For a much more in depth look into Fiberglass pools and pool ownership in general we invite you to dive into the largest collection of swimming pool Q&A on the internet. River Pools and Spas have an amazing wealth of knowledge, and we would love to share it with you. You owe it to yourself to visit their Learning Center before you buy a pool.

Leisure Pools introduced their first deep end pool in 2010. The Mediterranean by Leisure was the first free form deep end pool we offered. Now in 2016 Leisure also offers The Icon. This is an 8' deep pool with a built in Tanning ledge and spa. We also offer The Monolith by Thursday Pools. This is closer to most peoples first ideas of what a deep end pool would look like. Deep end pools can be a nice option, but we have always been concerned about liability, total pool usage, space, maintenance, and cost. Be sure to consider what portion of the pool you will be using what percent of the time. In other words, todays fiberglass pools are geared more towards lounging IN your pool as opposed to AROUND it. The more space you have in your pool for people to gather without treading water, the more enjoyable it will be.



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