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For a much more in depth look into Fiberglass pools and pool ownership in general we invite you to dive into the largest collection of swimming pool Q&A on the internet. River Pools and Spas have an amazing wealth of knowledge, and we would love to share it with you. You owe it to yourself to visit their Learning Center before you buy a pool.

Because of the savings you see with a Fiberglass Pool you can figure about $1/day for electricity and chemicals. Gas can range depending on how you heat your pool. A solar cover is a great investment and can really save you money on heating costs. Additionally a heat pump instead of a gas heater will cost less to operate, but is a larger investment up front. We usually budget about $500 a summer for our pool. That includes chemicals, gas, electricity, and some toys for the pool. That price can vary due to size of your pool, but that has been our experience with our pool.



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