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Say it how you want.  Lowest cost of ownership.  Least maintenance pool on the market.  Easiest pool to maintain.  Longest Warranty.

                                  They are all dead on.

Initial Investment

When buying an In-ground Swimming Pool remember that you are making an investment. And in the terms of Fiberglass, a 35 year non-prorated warranted investment. That simply cannot be matched. No other pool option provides a 35 year price. True a liner pool in fact will cost maybe 10% - 15% less at the time of purchase. But they are selling you a product that is designed to fail leaving you no option other than giving them more money to continue enjoying your "good deal". They reduce the price upfront because they know you will need to give them money later. Gunite or Concrete pools can give you any shape you want but cost significantly more upfront and cost the most to maintain.

After the Install

Beyond the initial investment, what is the cost of ownership? Due to the inherently smooth, non-porous, one piece fiberglass shell, the chemicals you add to your water only need to treat the water, not the surface of the pool itself. Why do we put smooth surfaces in our kitchens, because they are easy to keep clean. Imagine installing carpet in your kitchen just because it costs less upfront. Treating only the water means less chemicals AND less utilities because you do not need to run your pool as often to maintain it. All other pools surfaces are innately porous providing millions of opportunities to harbor dirt and algae and the only way to prevent it is by adding more chemicals and spending more time maintaining it. ENJOY your pool, don't work at it.

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